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Biographical Sketch of Alfredo Piatti

January, 2013

In 2003, while I was a student in the School of Music at Yale, I was searching for biographical information on Alfredo Piatti. After years of working on his pieces it seemed only natural to know something more of the man. I was attracted to one work, by Morton Latham, which I secured through inter-library loan. When it arrived, the librarian was so concerned about its fragile condition that I was required to read it only in the reading room in Sterling Library.

Since then a scanned copy has become available. I have taken the liberty of preparing an online version, further enhanced with images to complement the charming story. It is a unique sort of biography in that the author was a close friend of Piatti, and it is predominantly written as a series of anecdotes.

Please enjoy. Alfredo Piatti: A Sketch by Morton Latham

Performer, recordist, teacher

January, 2013

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The Kiss
William Bouguereau

"Like a good instrument, a good bridge can outlast centuries."

Bridge photos by Gerard KilBride and Mick Quinn, who are known for their passion for stringed instruments.