Refurbishing the Soul CD

Track listing
  • Divertimento by J. Haydn, arranged by Gregor Piatigorsky
    • 1. Adagio
    • 2. Minuet & Trio
    • 3. Allegro di molto
  • Sonata in A minor (Arpeggione) by Franz Schubert
    • 4. Allegro moderato
    • 5. Adagio
    • 6. Allegretto
  • 7. Fantasy on Little Russian Songs by David Popper
  • Sonata in C by Rhené-Baton
    • 8. Andante tranquillo
    • 9. Andante un poco maestoso
    • 10. Allegro vivo


These four works for cello and piano directly amaze and charm the listener. The music was written by composers who were each well capable of putting a musical kite up in the air, leaving it up to the performer to rein it in for the audience to see things more clearly.

Each composition hails from a distinct epoch in music history (the Classical, Romantic, Ethnic-nationalist, Modern French Impressionist) and the parallel associations prove stunning. Therefore, it is well worthwhile to hear this album in one sitting.

An abundance of wonderful music written in the classical genre is unknown in today's popular culture—but it does still remain available to us, long suffering and kind. If we can at once awaken ourselves to hear it, we become free to delight in its contemplation and say, “Oh! I am happy for being able to look through these works. Blessed is my day.”

The artistry of
Peter C. Dzialo, cello &
Tamila Azadaliyeva, piano

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Joseph Haydn
Joseph Haydn
Franz Schubert
Franz Schubert
David Popper
David Popper