Kodály / Bach
The Accordable Cello CD


Bach’s Suite No. 5, Kodaly’s Solo Sonata and the Choral Preludes (adaptations of three Choral Preludes by Bach written originally for organ) are special in the oeuvre of cello music. Each composition asks for an unconventional tuning known as accordatura. This alteration of the instrument’s tone produces a darkened sound, adding richness and depth, extended range and instrumental possibilities to these intensely serious pieces.

The Sonata is always played with accordatura tuning, since the piece is technically unplayable otherwise. It has become customary, however, for cellists to play Bach’s Fifth Suite in a version adapted from the original to accommodate conventional tuning. We present it here in the original accordable tuning and incorporate embellishments that Bach wrote in his own alternate version of this suite for the lute.

Solo works recorded at St Joseph Church, Stockbridge, MA

The artistry of
Peter C. Dzialo, cello &
Tamila Azadaliyeva, piano

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J. S. Bach
J. S. Bach
Zoltán Kodály
Zoltán Kodály